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649 submissions!

  • Over 649 BassForecast Users entered the contest
  • 49 with pictures
  • 29 had their lifetime Personal Best while fishing with our app!
  • Hundreds of stories about how BassForecast helped create fun bass catching times, bonding experiences and lifelong memories for so many members, family and friends.

How they use the app

We learned that there are many different ways that our users are utilizing the BassForecast Premium Version! 

  • Family trips
  • Trip Planning
  • Work vs Fishing – using the app to pick and choose best days to fish vs tough days
  • Getting bass catching ideas from the “TIPS” feature
  • Increasing bonding time with wife and children
  • Best times to fish based on GPS adjusted peak feeding times

Personal best BASS during Highest Rated Days!

  • Many contestants reported catching their PERSONAL BEST largemouth bass on a GOOD or EPIC rated day! We are finding that users report bigger fishing biting during the BassForecast predicted high rated days!
  • Users report using the Future planning features to laser focus their fishing schedule!

TOP 5 stories!

These five anglers made our Top 5 Cut! They will each receive a nike dri-fit bassforecast hat, and a huk kryptek bassforecast shirt for their contributions! Winner receives a yeti hopper!

John Paul Castro – 5th Place

His story: Glad friends told me about BassForecast

I was on a fishing trip with my Grandpa during the summer and we were having a slow morning of fishing. The day before we had caught only one fish. I told my friends about our trip so far and one of them recommend me BassForecast.  So, I got the app, opened it up and it said the rating was an 8.2.  I didn’t believe it, because it didn’t seem like an 8.2 day of fishing. One of the recommended baits was a soft plastic swimbait, so I rigged one up on my medium-heavy baitcasting rod and reel. Within my first few casts, I had gotten many strikes, but no commitments from any of the fish. Then on my next cast, one completely took my soft plastic swimbait. I set the hook and the fish jumped out of the water and when I saw the fish I was in complete shock. We were able to land the fish and it was a 5.40lb bass. I didn’t think it was possible to catch a fish that big because of the weather conditions and an app I never thought would work. We continued fishing that day and caught a total of about 8 bass, the smallest was a 3.53 and the biggest was my 5.40lb. I don’t think we would’ve caught all those fish without my friend recommending BassForecast. I’m 100% positive that this app works.

Hunter Keiser – 4th Place

His Story: Landed my best bass of the year!

I had the typical itch for fishing last month, and used the BassForecast app to help predict the best day to sneak out of work early and landed my best bass of the year when capitalizing on the early fall bite!

Chris Whited – 3rd place

His story: Great memory created with my 8 year old son

This spring BassForecast predicted a great day for fishing, so I took my 8 year old son. We caught an 8lb and 9lb bass in the first five minutes, enjoyed a great day and created a great memory thanks to BassForecast.

Bob Lenderman – 2nd Place

His Story: Best Bass night ever!

It was mid-July, the dog days of summer, and here in the Arizona desert it was way too hot to be out day fishing. So, I decided to try some night fishing at some local in-town lakes we have in Tucson. I saw on my BassForecast that the following Wednesday had the highest rating for the month. So I loaded my gear in my truck before work and decided to go straight after work to the Kennedy park lake. Wow… what a night of fishing on a highly pressured small lake that bites are very hard to come across on. I have four words to describe it “7 pounds 8 ounces” and not one but two almost identical seven and half pound bass! Wow thanks BassForecast for one of my best nights ever.


Dez Enesa!! – 1st Place!

His story: Epic bonding experience with my son!!

My 5 year old son and I recently moved from Hawaii to South Carolina to start a new journey in life and decided to get into bass fishing. We downloaded this app and when I opened it, the forecast said “epic” so we packed up our gear and headed out to fish a public pond and fish it. 10-15 min in my son decided to throw a whopper plopper and BOOM!!  The biggest bass I ever saw jumped up and smashed the lure. It was a great bonding experience and time to be a father. If it wasn’t for BassForecast telling us to go fish, I don’t think I would have this close relationship I have now with my son. Thank you!!


6th Place Semi-Finalist

Daniel Wardley

Daniel Wardley Holding a big bass

His Story: a 9.4 rated day helped me catch my PB.

A 9.4/10 day on the BassForecast app is responsible for my personal best Bass. Saw it was going to be a great day and hit a pond snatching a PB 3 lb bass. Will continue to use the app as this summer was my first time bass fishing a lot.

7th Place Semi-Finalist

Shane Patterson

His story:  Topwater PB on EPIC day!

It was post-spawn and the BassForecast had it rated extremely high due to the full moon from previous evening . That morning I followed the forecast “major time” for the early topwater bite and caught my PB on first cast of the day , and not only did I catch my PB but I also massacred them that morning and they were all topwater 3-5 lbr’s one after another.

8th Place Semi-Finalist

Justin Kihn

Nice bass in Justin Kihn's Hand

His Story:  I check the app every time I bass fish

I just moved to a new town when I first downloaded BassForecast. I didn’t know much about the area and had no clue where I could fish. After some research I found a small lake with some promising locations. I used the app and made sure that I found the new spot just before the major evening bite. In less than a half hour I had caught three bass and one ended up being my PB for the summer. I’m convinced that BassForecast helped me have a great first experience at a new lake in a new town. Now I check the app every time I leave the house to fish.

9th Place Semi-Finalist

Robert Brown

His Story: Perfect timing

Bass Forecast said major time was 915 am to 1045 am, with a 5.6 rating for the day. I caught a 8.96lb Largemouth Bass at 10:30. Bass Forecast couldn’t have been more accurate, thanks.

10th Place Semi-Finalist

Ryan Parker

His Story: Best tourney trail finish this year thanks to BassForecast

As a competitive kayak bass angler, BassForecast has become as important a tool as my rods, reels, and tackle. Not able to over water as efficiently as motor powered boats it is imperative for me to be able to select productive water ahead of time. BassForecast helps my pre-fishing game plan immensely. Pairing the forecast up with my additional research of maps and satellite images allows me to make the most of my time on the water in the highest percentage areas. I set new personal bests in both largemouth and smallmouth bass and had my best statewide tournament trail finish this year. I absolutely have to attribute some of this success to my first fishing season using BassForecast, it has certainly helped me spend more time in the most productive water, throwing the most productive baits on any given day.

Bassforecast Features

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Complete Weather Details

All weather information (past, current, and forecast) is provided by AccuWeather – the gold standard and global leader in weather information and digital media. Only BassForecast has access to this enormous weather database – which means you can track the BFR for all your favorite fishing locations, anywhere in the United States.


Catch Log

Where you can make note of important catch data by body of water and trip date so that you can reference for future trips.

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Calendar View

View to show the BassForecast Rating for the next 10 days, along with moon phases for the next 12 months, highlighting New and Full moons for long range planning.

Archived Weather information

10 Days of Archived Past Weather information. View recent weather events that can help you develop your Bass Fishing game plan.



Further your success and skills with this outstanding feature.

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