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“Wanted to go fishing, but BassForecast had a real low rating for the day. Figured I’d go anyways and just practice using the recommended lures. Tied on the first lure, a weightless fluke, and after a couple twitches landed a 5lber. The fluke was a bait I wouldn’t have tried that day on my own, and it ended up catching my bigger fish throughout the day. So, thank y’all for making a great product that opened up my mind to trying lures I wouldn’t have normally thought about in different conditions. Next cast got me a 4lber, then another 5 followed by a couple 3s, and the last two were a 6 and 7. It turned out to be a great day for the short amount of time I had to fish. I probably never would have tried that fluke in the conditions, but sure am glad I did!”

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