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I’m a teacher, and I promised three 6 and 7 year old brothers (A set of twins in Kindergarten and a first grader) that I would take them fishing and teach them how to catch a bass. I waited to schedule our trip to a local lake when BassForecast predicted an Epic day and time. The father of the 3 boys questioned my planning, because it was the middle of the day in Florida. He said mornings and evenings are best, but he brought the boys regardless. Needless to say, BassForecast was right! Each boy caught at least 2 bass and even the dad got in on the action and caught a bass! He hadn’t fished in years, but had recently been trying with no luck. They caught a total of 8 bass, the largest being 4lbs. and I came out looking like a professional guide. The dad was astounded when I shared my “secret” and he immediately downloaded The App. He now uses it in FL and on vacation with his boys in South Carolina. I love BassForecast!”

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