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“It was a brisk early afternoon in northwest Louisiana on March 11th of last year. I was fishing a solo mission because my partner was sick. I had a good feeling about being out there and I received a text from partner telling me to use BassForecast to see if it really worked. The forecast recommended the perfect presentation that would later on catch my biggest 5 bass limit and the biggest bass of my life! The bass were spawning and I took full advantage of that! I caught 31 pounds and 12 ounces for best 5 and The kicker was 10 pounds and 12 ounces. I had already caught 4 really solid fish for 21 pounds and I new the dirty 30 wasn’t far away. I was getting ready to leave when this one last tree was calling my name. This area of water was a little more murky than the rest of the lake. I made a semi-blind pitch onto what was the bed of my first double digit bass! The fight was one for the story books and boy did it change my life!

If you’re wondering how I took the pictures since I was alone, I set my camera on my tackle bag and used timer cam!”

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