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“Thank you BassForecast for helping ignite the passion for fishing I knew my son always had! My 11 year old, Cole, has always been my fishing buddy, but like most dads know, gaining and maintaining the attention span of any child can be difficult. He recently had been having some success, but most the fish he had been catching were dinks, and I could tell he was getting discouraged. After getting alerts from BassForecast, I knew that Thursday September 26th would be a great night to get on the water. I got home from work, and immediately loaded up the kayaks. After looking at the tips section, I knew that a weightless Senko would be a great lure for him to throw. We both managed quite a few fish, but just as the final minutes of daylight started to escape, my son said the famous, “one more cast” line. Well we both are glad he did, he managed a GIANT largemouth that will probably be his PB for a good amount of time to come!”

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