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“For the last 8 months or so I’ve been using bass forecast in my local area. There was a week back in April when there was an epic day according to BassForecast, checked out the presentation as well as baits to try. I saw buzzbait and medium retrieve recommended. So, I went with it and caught roughly 14 bass this morning in a 2.5 hour span with the biggest weighing 8.4 lbs. It wasn’t my biggest catch ever, but came in a hard 2nd/3rd place. Even if I’m not fishing I check with my BassForecast just to see what the could’ve been. It’s my go-to for weather in my area as well as peak fishing hours. I’ve been fishing maybe 12 years and this alone has improved my skills as well as my ethic to learn more about the sport. Would recommend to anyone regardless if I win a yeti or not. All around complete app for the true fisherman at heart. Thanks guys.

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