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Using both historical and forecast AccuWeather data calibrated to the preferred temperature range of bass, BassForecast calculates a BassForecast Rating (BFR) from 1 (POOR) to 10 (EPIC) for each of the upcoming 10 days. Think of the BFR as a “bass feeding mood” indicator.

Next, it estimates the location specific bass season for all 9 bass seasons.

Then, based on the bass season & BFR, its Tips section selects the 2 to 4 “best bet” lake locations (out of 15 possible seasonally adjusted locations) and “Top 5” performing baits (out of 21 possible categories) based on a compilation of bass industry data including tournament results, articles, research studies, websites and publications.

BassForecast simplifies the complex science of tracking past & forecast weather and then putting all the pieces together in a fish catching game plan. It is Bass Science Made Simple and helps all bass anglers plan like a pro.

The 3 ways that BassForecast helps bass anglers:

Simple, Fast & Easy to use. Just input your fishing location and in a few seconds, you can easily view all the information you need for the next ten days to help you:

#1 – Pick the highest rated days in the upcoming 10 days so you have time to juggle your schedule
#2 – For any day including low rated days, TIPS gives you high percentage lake locations (top 2 to 4 areas out of 17 possibilities) and Top 5 baits (out of 21 bait categories) to use for the day and location you are fishing.
#3 – World’s most accurate location specific solunar/astro peak feeding times

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