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Bass science
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BassForecast simplifies the complex science of tracking past and forecast weather, then putting all the pieces together in a fish catching game plan. It is Bass Science Made Simple and helps all Bass anglers plan like a pro.

Simple, fast, & easy to use

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Just input your fishing location.

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In seconds, easily view BassForecast Rating for the next 10 days.

Plan Like A Pro

Adapt your game plan to any rating, condition and Bass season.

What makes our ratings so accurate

The BassForecast Rating (BFR) is the only tool that considers all relevant environmental factors that affect Bass feeding behavior. Our team spent 12 months testing and tweaking our ratings formula until it produced average catch rate outcomes that matched our desired rating system.

In a 6 month catch log blind study, with a prominent Bass Guide fishing the same lake every day, we found that GOOD and EPIC days produced 68% to 305% above average catch rates, while TOUGH and FAIR days produced 63% below average. Fishing is fishing and there will always be days that buck the trend, but the law of large numbers doesn’t lie.

Here are the environmental factors we use in the BassForecast Rating:

  • barometer
    The barometric pressure trend is a key leading indicator of upcoming weather, which affects bass feeding behavior.
  • sky conditions
    Which is beter, sunny or overcast? In general, this also depends on the wind.
  • Moon Phases
    Our formula does adjust upward for new and full mon periods. While the data here is controversial, we always gather results and adjusting acordingly.
  • Temperature
    The most important factor affecting feeding mood is temperature trend toward the peak metabolic rate of Bass. We even account for the temperature transference time lag from air to water, since water is an insulator.
  • Peak Feedings
    We do not currently adjust our ratings for these time periods as there is simply not enouth conclusive data yet. Our Solunar data is GPS specific, so you don’t have to do the math from printed tables anymore.

Top 3 ways BassForecast helps anglers

Our customers have spoken, and here are the top three ways BassForecast helped anglers.


Plan better

For most anglers who have limited time to fish, knowing “best odds” days 10 days in advance gives them enough time to pick and juggle their life calendar. And our push notifications for forecasted EPIC & GOOD conditions have led hundreds of anglers to their personal best.



Since you can’t always fish EPIC and GOOD days, knowing the mood of the fish will affect location, bait selection and presentation. We have heard thousands of customer stories about how a location or lure we suggested saved their day. Learn more about Premium Features.


Spot-On Solunar

Since time zones are over a 1,000 miles wide on average, most Astro Solunar tables need to be manually adjusted using some hard to read math table. BassForecast Spot-On Solunar is GPS specific and accurate to within 1 minute of US Naval Observatory.