Premium Features

Increase Bass Catch Rates 68% to 305%

With these premium features
  • Adapted Patterns

Ever left the lake wondering what you could have done differently? Adapted Patterns will help you figure out the bite more often. Complete Pattern Recommendations including Top 5 Recommended Baits, Top Lake Structures to Fish, and Presentation Tips for every day in the upcoming 10 days, are all adapted to changing weather patterns, the BassForecast Rating, and proven seasonal catch data.

  • Cover Selector

Select the Cover you will be fishing and see the top 5 Bait Recommendations adjusted for Weed, Wood, or Rock.

  • 10-Day Forecast

Our software was produced by a team of highly trained engineers who thoroughly tested all outputs until accurate within one minute of US Naval Observatory moon position for any GPS location worldwide.

  • Notifications

Looking for your next PB? Turn on Notifications and get alerts for Good and EPIC BassForecast Rated days in the 10-Day Forecast, and never miss an EPIC day to fish.

  • Tackle Tips

Learn how to best work each of the 22 possible baits, hookset technique, and rod, reel and line for best results.

  • Ratings Explained

Wondering why the BassForecast Rating is what it is on any given day? BFR Explained gives you an inside look at the environmental factors guiding the rating for each day.

Still not sold?

$10 Tackle Warehouse e-Gift Card

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