Top 10 Most Inspiring Bass Stories of 2019

Jake & Cole McCormack – Winner of 2019 BassForecast ‘Best story’ with new Yeti M30

Jake & Cole McCormack

Winner of 2019 BassForecast ‘Best Story’

An active Marine, fishing with his son!

“Thank you BassForecast for helping ignite the passion for fishing I knew my son always had! My 11 year old, Cole, has always been my fishing buddy, but like most dads know, gaining and maintaining the attention span of any child can be difficult. He recently had been having some success, but most the fish he had been catching were dinks, and I could tell he was getting discouraged. After getting alerts from BassForecast, I knew that Thursday September 26th would be a great night to get on the water. I got home from work, and immediately loaded up the kayaks. After looking at the tips section, I knew that a weightless Senko would be a great lure for him to throw. We both managed quite a few fish, but just as the final minutes of daylight started to escape, my son said the famous, “one more cast” line. Well we both are glad he did, he managed a GIANT largemouth that will probably be his PB for a good amount of time to come!”

Cole McCormack with his PB!

Cynthia McKay

Teacher with a passion!

I’m a teacher, and I promised three 6 and 7 year old brothers (A set of twins in Kindergarten and a first grader) that I would take them fishing and teach them how to catch a bass. I waited to schedule our trip to a local lake when BassForecast predicted an Epic day and time. The father of the 3 boys questioned my planning, because it was the middle of the day in Florida. He said mornings and evenings are best, but he brought the boys regardless. Needless to say, BassForecast was right! Each boy caught at least 2 bass and even the dad got in on the action and caught a bass! He hadn’t fished in years, but had recently been trying with no luck. They caught a total of 8 bass, the largest being 4lbs. and I came out looking like a professional guide. The dad was astounded when I shared my “secret” and he immediately downloaded The App. He now uses it in FL and on vacation with his boys in South Carolina. I love BassForecast!”

Hunter Neal

Solo Mission for the Dirty 30!

“It was a brisk early afternoon in northwest Louisiana on March 11th of last year. I was fishing a solo mission because my partner was sick. I had a good feeling about being out there and I received a text from partner telling me to use BassForecast to see if it really worked. The forecast recommended the perfect presentation that would later on catch my biggest 5 bass limit and the biggest bass of my life! The bass were spawning and I took full advantage of that! I caught 31 pounds and 12 ounces for best 5 and The kicker was 10 pounds and 12 ounces. I had already caught 4 really solid fish for 21 pounds and I new the dirty 30 wasn’t far away. I was getting ready to leave when this one last tree was calling my name. This area of water was a little more murky than the rest of the lake. I made a semi-blind pitch onto what was the bed of my first double digit bass! The fight was one for the story books and boy did it change my life!

If you’re wondering how I took the pictures since I was alone, I set my camera on my tackle bag and used timer cam!”

Mario DePiero

Bassmaster Brandon Palaniuk Sweepstakes Trip!

“I was lucky enough to win the Bassmaster Brandon Palaniuk sweepstakes! Part of the package was a trip to fish with Brandon. My wife and I went to Maryland to see the Chesapeake bay Elite tournament and fish With him. Unfortunately, due to weather. the tournament was canceled. Brandon and I made a plan to fish together in the fall after the season. We decided on Potholes Reservoir in Washington. I looked on the BassForecast app and the entire weekend was rated Epic. Saturday, the day I got to fish all day with Brandon, was rated an epic 10! Boy was it! One of the most productive and fun bass trips I have ever had! Brandon is a really cool guy and we had a blast.”

Matthew Davis

Bass of a Lifetime!

“Fishing in my pond at my property in Monroe, GA this Sunday. Checked bass forecast and saw crankbaits were recommended. Bought a few and tried it out. Caught a few small bass early in the morning. It started pouring rain around noon and after 4 hours of hard fishing something big hit the bait. After a hard fight, I finally got it close to the boat and saw an absolute monster jump. Landed it and it weighed 7.62 lbs. Bass of a lifetime.”

Willie Hall

Gamblers Free Tournament Win!

“Entered a Gamblers free tournament last April down here in Lake Okeechobee. It was tough fishing due to the lake being low and from all the aquatic spraying killing most cover that bass use. We set out that morning pretty much shooting blind on how we would catch a decent bag that would put us in contention with the big sticks who had entered the tournament as well. I looked at BassForecast, which suggested fishing creeks and channels and fish slow. So we detoured from the lake and took the advice. That was by far the best move we had made that day. We ended up catching a 24lb bag and took first place. I owe thanks to the BassForecast App.”

Brandon Fields

Unsuspecting lure produced great results!

“Wanted to go fishing, but BassForecast had a real low rating for the day. Figured I’d go anyways and just practice using the recommended lures. Tied on the first lure, a weightless fluke, and after a couple twitches landed a 5lber. The fluke was a bait I wouldn’t have tried that day on my own, and it ended up catching my bigger fish throughout the day. So, thank y’all for making a great product that opened up my mind to trying lures I wouldn’t have normally thought about in different conditions. Next cast got me a 4lber, then another 5 followed by a couple 3s, and the last two were a 6 and 7. It turned out to be a great day for the short amount of time I had to fish. I probably never would have tried that fluke in the conditions, but sure am glad I did!”

Zach Gerdts

Introduces 5 year old daughter to fishing!

“This was my first year to get back into fishing since I was a kid. I tried doing research about the best moon phases and weather patterns, but it was all too complicated to keep track of. Then, I found BassForecast. I’ve caught more bass and bigger bass than I ever thought possible in my first year. Also, using the app helped me pick the best times to get my 5-year-old daughter introduced to fishing and now she catches more bass than me!”

Josh Hailey

Epic day of fishing!

“For the last 8 months or so I’ve been using bass forecast in my local area. There was a week back in April when there was an epic day according to BassForecast, checked out the presentation as well as baits to try. I saw buzzbait and medium retrieve recommended. So, I went with it and caught roughly 14 bass this morning in a 2.5 hour span with the biggest weighing 8.4 lbs. It wasn’t my biggest catch ever, but came in a hard 2nd/3rd place. Even if I’m not fishing I check with my BassForecast just to see what the could’ve been. It’s my go-to for weather in my area as well as peak fishing hours. I’ve been fishing maybe 12 years and this alone has improved my skills as well as my ethic to learn more about the sport. Would recommend to anyone regardless if I win a yeti or not. All around complete app for the true fisherman at heart. Thanks guys.

Jacob Sherwood

Caught his first bass ever!

“I started bass fishing last November and had never caught a bass before. I tried for a few weeks with random lures, nothing. I got this app and was determined to catch one. I received a notification telling me it was a great day to fish. It was pouring rain but no lightning. So I donned my rain jacket and set out to a nearby lake area. I used what it recommended (frog) and where it said they’d be. I hooked and brought in not only my first bass, but my first 6 in one hour! Blown away! I’ve used this to guide my tackle selection, presentation, and positioning since!”


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